E+E Temperature Sensor Series

The E+E temperature sensor range includes models for  duct mount,  wall mount indoors and  outdoors,  strap-on for ducts and pipes,  remote probe, as well as  cable sensors. Special immersion wells with innovative mounting spring turn the duct mount, the remote probe and the cable sensors into immersion sensors for temperature measurement in liquids. A  room temperature sensor rounds up the E+E temperature sensor portfolio. 


The Key Features of E+E Temperature Sensors:

High Protection Class

Due to high protection class the E+E temperature sensors are appropriate for demanding applications.

  Protection class up to
     IP65/NEMA 4 
(IP67/NEMA 4
     for cable sensor)

 Compact enclosure

 Sealing permanently attached
     to the front cover



Easy & Quick Mounting

The innovative enclosure design enables easy and quick mounting of the sensors, which saves time and minimizes installation costs!

 External mounting holes

 Bayonet screws, open/closed
     with a ¼ rotation

 Mounting with closed cover

Active or Passive Outputs

E+E temperature sensors are available with active or passive outputs. All sensors with analogue outputs are adjustable and freely scalable.

 0-10 V / 4-20 mA outputs

 User adjustable and configurable

 Various passive sensor types




  • EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor
  • Mounting flange
    The design of the mounting flange excludes damages of the sensing probe.
  • Mounting spring
    The probe is fixed with a mounting spring in the immersion well.

EE431 Duct / Immersion Temperature Sensor

The EE431 temperature sensor is ideal for HVAC and process control. In air ducts the sensor can be installed with the mounting flange. For immersion in liquids EE431 is used with an immersion well.



+ Mounting flange with special sealing gasket

+ Immersion well with innovative fixing clamp

+ Various probe lengths

EE441 Strap-on Temperature Sensor

The EE441 strap-on sensor can be mounted onto round ducts and pipes as well as on plane surfaces. Typical applications are monitoring warm and coldwater pipes or solar collectors. The sensor can be fixed with a hose clamp. The aluminum contact surface ensures very good thermal coupling and short response time.



+ Mounting on round pipes as well as on plane surfaces

+ Hose clamp with quick lock mechanism

+ Aluminum contact surface for short response time

+ Cable outlet in the pipe direction

  • EE441 strap-on temperature sensor with aluminum contact surface
  • EE441 strap-on temperature sensor with aluminum contact surface
    The aluminum contact surface of the EE441 ensures optimal thermal coupling and short response time.
  • EE451 sensor for active temperature measurement
    EE451 sensor for active temperature measurement
  • EE451 sensor for passive temperature measurement
    EE451 sensor for passive temperature measurement
  • EE451 sensor with mounting bracket
    The mounting bracket/spacer for thermal decoupling from the wall.

EE451 Wall Mount Temperature Sensor

The EE451 wall mount sensor can be employed for indoor measurement, as well as outdoors for weather-dependent temperature regulation.

The mounting bracket minimizes influence of the wall temperature on the measurement of the air temperature.



+ For indoor and outdoor use

+ Mounting bracket/spacer for unbiased measurement

+ The light grey enclosure reduces the impact of solar radiation

EE461/462/432 Cable Temperature Sensor

Cable sensors for temperature measurement are widely used in HVAC and in process control. The innovative star pressing of the sensor sleeve ensures IP67/NEMA 4 protection class.

Product-specific information is printed all along the cable. For measurement in fluids the cable sensors are used with an optional immersion well.



+ Protection class IP67 / NEMA 4 due to star pressing of the sensor sleeve

+ Immersion well for measurement in fluids

+ High-temperature cable (Glass fiber, silicone, PTFE)

+ Mounting flange

  • Cable temperature sensors EE461/EE432
    The cable temperature sensors are available with cable lengths from 0.5 m to 3 m.
  • EE461 cable temperature sensor, star pressing of sensor sleeve
    Protection class IP67 / NEMA 4 due to star pressing of the sensor sleeve. The wire ferrules facilitate the wiring.
  • Cable sensors with immersion well.
    With an immersion well the cable sensors can be used for temperature measurement in liquids as well.
  • EE471 temperature sensor with remote probe.
    EE471 temperature sensor with remote probe.
  • EE471 probe with immersion well.
    The probe of the EE471 can be mounted in liquids with an immersion well.

EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe

The EE471 is dedicated for applications with space restrictions or where the electronics must be protected against high temperature, shocks or vibrations. EE471 is available with various probe cable lengths, and can be used in air as well as, with an immersion well, in fluids.



+ The electronics can be mounted at a conveniently protected location

+ Immersion well for temperature measurement in fluids

+ Protection class IP67 / NEMA 4 (probe) and IP65 / NEMA 4 (enclosure)

EE10-T Room Temperature Sensor

The EE10 room temperature sensor is ideal for indoor climate control in residential and commercial buildings and offers an excellent price / performance ratio. The stylish, functional IP30 enclosure allows for easy installation and replacement of the sensing unit for service purposes.



+ Easily readable LCD display (optional)

+ Two enclosure sizes (EU and US standard)

+ Snap-in enclosure for easiest installation

+ Analogue or digital output (Modbus RTU / BACnet)

  • EE10-T Room temperature sensor
    The EE10-T room temperature sensor is available in two enclosure sizes and three different colours.

E+E Elektronik: Your Single Source for HVAC Sensors and Transmitters

In addition to temperature sensors E+E Elektronik offers a comprehensive range of HVAC transmitters for humidity, CO2, air velocity and differential pressure. You can get all HVAC sensors from a single manufacturer.  Explore the E+E HVAC product range

  • E+E Elektronik Headquarters
    E+E Elektronik Headquarters, Engerwitzdorf/ Austria.

E+E Elektronik - Your Partner in Sensor Technology

Since more than 20 years, E+E Elektronik develops and manufactures sensors and transmitters for humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, air velocity, mass flow, CO2 and pressure.

The main applications for E+E products lie in HVAC, building automation, industrial process control and the automotive industry.

A certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 ensures the highest quality standards.

E+E Elektronik has a worldwide dealership network and representative offices in Germany, France, Italy, Korea, China and the United States.

The accredited E+E calibration laboratory has been commissioned by the Austrian Federal Office for Metrology (BEV) to provide the national standards for humidity and air velocity.